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Meet six of our Members in the Craft & Design section (pages 58 & 59) of Artmag during July 2022.  Find out more about Maggie Broadley (ceramics), Andrea Chappell (textiles), Dot Sim (pictured: jewellery), Amanda Simmons (glass), Carol Sinclair (ceramics) and Lucy Woodley (sculptor).  Search our Members Directory to discover more makers! 

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Applied Arts Scotland is a membership organisation run by makers for makers delivering tangible benefits by connecting the community through events, projects and discussions, building skills and encouraging self sufficiency and confidence.

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Thrilled to be part of this community – have a new lease of life and able to be more creative.

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Stories of Happiness Making

Crafting Happiness brought together 20 makers in Scotland and Thailand who shared their experiences of happiness through craft and the benefits of making for health and wellbeing.

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A virtual world for dancing. The world is based on images of glass and shows two human forms dancing in the centre


Visit the AAS digital exhibition space to see examples of work created by makers during DISTANCE2 which explored the potential for combining virtual reality with hands-on craft making practices.

Enter the space and you’ll see the main themes that emerged then jump out to side rooms for more detail from individual makers and collaborative trios. The exhibition is presented using FrameVR.

AAS is committed to identifying and dismantling any barriers that can limit access to and participation with AAS. We’ve committed to action on this in our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan and Anti-Racism Statement.

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Altermatter Project Inspires Exciting Alternative Materials

Applied Arts Scotland was thrilled to be selected as the UK contributor for Altermatter which resulted in an innovative range of new and alternative materials.

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Welcoming Environment for Fresh Insights on Work

Jeweller Stefanie Cheong shares her experience of taking part in an AAS Constructive Feedback Session in 2018 and explains how the process helped her to revise and evolve her work.

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Over 30 Years and Counting….Can you Help us Gather Stories of AAS?

In 2022 Scotland celebrates the Year of Stories and to mark this we want to gather information and reminiscences of Applied Arts Scotland to create a written history to feature on our website.

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