Tell Us – What Does Success Mean to You as a Maker?

It’s not often you get asked by a Scottish Government advisory group what success means for makers but this is exactly what happened to our Chair, Carol Sinclair when she attended the recent Creative Industries Advisory Group meeting. The challenge she was given was to find out the answer before the next meeting, so we need some help from you.

Delighted to have the chance to share what makers view as success and not be told what it is, and as an organisation run ‘by makers for makers’, we want to find out ‘what does success look like to you as a maker?’ To start us thinking about what it might mean we asked our board members what success means for them.

Claire Hemingsley
Claire Heminsley

We realised that success could a specific outcome:

‘Being able to survive financially.’

It could be to do with the process of making:

‘Being able to make the artwork that you want, and that you’re convinced by, without too much compromise.’

Or a making related activity:

‘It exists in my own mind after a student sends me a picture of a stone they have set after attending one of my weekend classes.’

Or it can be about enjoyment and recognition:

Success is…. when you receive an email saying ‘We love your work, you have two new fans!’ from someone who has bought your work.

Do you agree?  What else would you add?  What matters most to you?

Whatever term you use to describe what you do – maker, designer or artist – please take a moment to think about success and what it looks like to you – and share it with us through our survey. There are only four questions, so you can complete this quickly or take longer.

Also, please help us reach as many makers as possible and spread the word to colleagues and share on social media.

Survey closes Friday 24 August 2018.

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