Funding for Craft Consultation – Have Your Say

The Scottish Parliament is currently seeking opinions as part of an inquiry into the future of funding for the creative sector in Scotland, spanning the work of large arts organisations through to solo practitioners.

At Applied Arts Scotland we intend to submit a response to the inquiry focusing on the funding landscape for the maker community in Scotland and would like to invite you, as an AAS Member or Supporter, to contribute to this.

To fit with the timescales set out for the inquiry, please respond by Wednesday 10 April 2019 to either or both of two questions.

Comments can be as long or short as you see fit. We will bring your responses together and submit them to the inquiry on behalf of Applied Arts Scotland.

If you’re happy to have comments attributed to you in the response then include your name, otherwise we’ll assume you wish to remain anonymous.

View the questions & submit your comments now.

And you can, of course, submit a response individually if you prefer – details here.

Please help us reach as many makers as possible by sharing this link with colleagues or promoting it on social media.

Photograph by Victoria Clare Bernie

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