Make Your Mark on a Manifesto for Craft in Scotland

Calling all makers! Get involved in shaping the future of craft in Scotland by signing up to the MAKE Manifesto and / or taking part in MAKE | HAPPEN, a special one-day workshop.

Over the past two years Panel has been working with Scotland’s craft sector to develop MAKE, a Manifesto and a collective call for change, which sets out action points and recommendations that reflect the issues of makers living and working in Scotland.

This was built on the outcomes of the Craft World Café, a craft sector-focused event facilitated by Roanne Dods which took place in April 2016 through the Craft Development Network.

Panel has distilled over 200 conversations with craftspeople across Scotland into a 9-point manifesto for craft in Scotland which aims to positively influence the perception of craft in Scotland and do so from the ‘ground-up’. This Manifesto is not directly associated with or owned by any one organisation, rather it aims to capture and concentrate a shared vision for craft in Scotland.

MAKE is an opportunity for you to share your voice.

You can read and sign up to the MAKE Manifesto at the MAKE website.

You can also attend MAKE | HAPPEN, where makers and their supporters are invited to share what they think about the Manifesto and how they think we can collectively action and take it forward. MAKE | HAPPEN takes place at CodeBase Stirling, 10am – 4:30pm on 9 October 2019.

There is a small fund to support those who may find it difficult to attend this event as a result of distance or personal circumstances with up to £50 available towards supporting their participation.

The full MAKE report is available to download and includes a summary of responses which consider:

  1. What is craft in Scotland currently doing well?
  2. What are we concerned about in connection to craft in Scotland over the next 10 years?
  3. What should we develop for craft in Scotland over the next 10 years?
  4. Should we have a Manifesto or a Movement for craft? What should it be and who should it be for?

Visit the MAKE website to:

Download & read the report & manifesto
Register to attend the event – free and open to all
Sign up to support the Manifesto

Make your voice heard!

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