Sharing the Voices of Makers: Tell Us Your Experiences

‘We are makers and what we’re feeling is the same as our Members’
Carol Sinclair, Chair, AAS

To create our new Revising our Rhythms newsletter we began by asking our Board to share their individual experiences and talk about what they are doing to cope with lockdown and self-isolation and how they are staying safe and well. We also asked what they are doing to deal with the massive changes to their practices and ways of generating income.

Our discussions highlighted that some days it feels easier than others. There are new opportunities to do things differently, but with that comes the enormous challenges of sudden and unexpected change.

Almost everyone talked about altered sleep patterns, often waking up early with waves of anxiety.

They talked about needing to stabilise life with good and nutritious food and spending time talking with friends and family. Some are spending more time together with their children, while also trying to get new work patterns in place.

Some were questioning if they wanted to continue their practice after this is over and if it was time for a change of direction.

There was difficulty in dealing with closed studios and limited material supplies, cancelled events and workshops, trying to find new ways to sell and applying for funding to replace lost income.

Alongside this, there were also a surprising number of good things emerging. There was time to do drawings, research for a new project, and do things that had been on the back burner for a long time. To develop new glazes. To work on an emerging project as part of a European network. And there was time to plan and think ahead as a way of taking back control. And there was time for looking after yourself, for doing yoga, a walk on the beach, baking bread (photo above, recipe below!), making a rainbow. And time for socialising, drinking wine and gin!

With so much to consider, opportunities as well as challenges, it is important to just do it a bit at a time and not be too hard on yourself to get something done. There is value in taking time to do something and not to rush. It will come back.

One of the lovely things that we all felt coming out of our discussion was the chance to share and hear from others and the reassurance this gave us.

So we want to create wider opportunities to share so makers can tell us how they are doing. To do this we have created an online page where you can talk about your experience and share what matters to you. We give you the option to be anonymous or to provide your name and you can also let us know if we can share it with other makers in our new ‘Voices of Makers’ blog. We can’t answer specific questions but if we can offer any suggestions about something we will try and do so.

Please get in touch to tell us how you are and your tips on how you are rethinking your rhythms. And, please do share the link using #RethinkingourRhythms with other makers.

Read our first ‘Voice of Makers’ blog by Carol Sinclair who shares her feelings.

Thanks to jeweller and AAS Board Member Stefanie Cheong for letting us share her lovely recipe for bread.

Foolproof Soda Bread
(has a dense texture similar to a scone, very wholesome and filling)

I am really rubbish at sticking to recipes and weighing so here is my guide. It’s really hard to go wrong with this bread. 

2 mugs of whole wheat flour
a heaped dessert spoon of baking soda
pinch of salt
3/4 cup of oat milk/soya/cows/almond also work
a dessert spoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
a handful of mixed seeds to make it healthier (optional)


Mix milk the vinegar or lemon juice. Then add to other ingredients, mix together with love and place on a baking tray or tin. No need to knead or proof, in the oven at 180 degrees until it’s turned a lovely golden brown colour or approx the time it takes to complete a good morning sun salutation and put on a washing (roughly 30mins) eat warm with some butter! Mmmm.

Image: Foolproof Soda Bread, Photo: Stefanie Cheong

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