Develop New Skills with QEST Funding – AAS/QEST Q&A Event

Constantly learning something new is one of the pleasures of making and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) supports talented and aspiring craftspeople to develop new skills.

QEST Scholarship funding takes many forms, from traditional college courses to vocational one-to-one training with a master craftsperson, or a series of self-directed short courses. Education and training grants of up to £18,000 are available to support advanced skill development in craftspeople who aim to become masters of their craft.

QEST Apprenticeships offer salary support of up to £6,000 per year towards an apprentice’s salary for craftspeople who have secured an apprenticeship to train with a master craftsperson for up to three years.

They encourage applications from a broad range of crafts and are excited by contemporary craftsmanship and innovative applications of traditional craft techniques. Their programmes have supported several makers in Scotland to further their practices through developing and sustaining vital craft skills in traditional and contemporary crafts.

QEST celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2020 and the next round of applications to the funding programmes opens 14 July – 24 August 2020.

In advance, Applied Arts Scotland welcomes QEST’s CEO Deborah Pocock LVO to an online event on Wednesday 8 July 2020 from 15.30 – 16.30 for makers, craftspeople and designer makers in Scotland to introduce their Scholarship and Apprenticeship programmes and answer questions about making an application.

She will be joined by Glasgow-based designer / maker of hand folded lighting and homewares Kate Colin, a 2019 QEST Scholar – Paperfolding. She will share an insight into her self directed programme of taught courses with specialists and studies in Europe and the UK to advance her paper folding and pleating skills, and how this has impacted on her practice/business.

Their directory of alumni shows the types of craft and varieties of training they have funded – here are a selection of the makers in Scotland who have received funding and what they did:

Rod Kelly
2000 QEST Scholar – Goldsmithing & Silversmithing
Toben Lewis
2019 QEST Howdens Scholar – Bookbinding
Kathryn Sanders
2019 QEST Scholar – Embroidery
Lara Townsend
2018 QEST Kirby Laing Foundation Scholar – Stone Carving
Gillian Stewart
2018 QEST Jenifer Emery Scholar – Bookbinding

For further details and to apply visit the QEST website.

Image: Kate Colin at work in her studio, Photographer: Alaisdair Smith Photography

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