Over 30 Years and Counting….Can you Help us Gather Stories of AAS?

Your Brand and Online Selling Event Panel, 2014, Photo: Christopher Fernandez / Gayfield Creative Spaces

In 2022 Scotland celebrates the Year of Stories and to mark this we want to gather information and reminiscences of Applied Arts Scotland to create a written history to feature on our website.  

AAS has been involved in many projects since it began in 1990 including exhibiting at the Country Living Fair, holding conferences at the Lighthouse in Glasgow, Edinburgh College of Art and on Shetland and taking part in events across Scotland including South Uist.  Did you take part or come along to any of these? Perhaps you were on the Board at some time? Maybe you remember the first activities from 32 years ago? We’d love to hear your stories and recollections so we can create a history of the organisation.

Please get in touch with your stories and photographs (there must be a few of these out there!) by emailing with subject heading AAS History. We’ll share these stories and photographs with you as they are collected throughout the year.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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