Altermatter Project Inspires Exciting Alternative Materials

At the start of this year Applied Arts Scotland was thrilled to be selected as the UK contributor for an exciting materials based project called Altermatter in partnership with British Council, Playo and the CAST Foundation in Indonesia. 

Non-biodegradable and uncontrolled waste is a global issue with Indonesia being one of the biggest producers of organic and plastic waste in the world. The project aimed to intervene in the waste system by developing new and alternative materials from waste to encourage behavioural change for sustainable living enabling a more circular economy.

Through an open call in January 2022 designers and makers from Indonesia and the UK were selected to work in pairs and brainstorm the challenges and solutions of creating a daily product made of alternative materials and showcase a 3D modelling concept.

These collaborations have resulted in an innovative range of new and alternative materials and ideas including a new sustainable material from seashell waste, elevating a space with biodegradable interior materials, giving littered cigarette butts a second life, converting hazardous bamboo by-products into functional items and creating new meaning for household furniture.

Discover more about these innovative alternative materials on the Altermatter website.

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