AAS Supports Innovative Circular Hackathon Performance

Circular Hackathon Costume Slam by Carrie Fertig Photo: Applied Arts Scotland

In June 2023 makers were invited to participate in a craft performance by multi-disciplinary artist Carrie Fertig. Part performance, part game, part networking event, this one-off circular economy performance costume slam poetry game enabled makers to re-see their materials through the fresh eyes of others and be inspired by new ideas. Carrie and Applied Arts Scotland Vice Chair Clare Waddle share their responses to the experience.

“It was such an honour to witness professional AAS member Carrie Fertig present her innovative Circular Hackathon Costume Slam workshop” said Clare. “Designed and delivered on site during our AAS Open Members’ Exhibition | APPLIED | Makers Offerings this unusual fusion of ‘makers offerings’ brought objects and performance from a diverse range of creative disciplines and minds together.

“I would describe the workshop as a kind of ‘ceremonial creative offering‘, innovative in its approach, carrying a soulful, organic, responsive dialogue that was led by the participants personal objects and their collective responsive to it.”

Circular Hackathon Costume Slam Snippet

Discussing the performance Carrie said “My heart exploded with all the love pulsating at the Circular Hackathon Costume Slam. I am indebted to Applied Arts Scotland for the opportunity to devise a new type of performance, unlike anything I had done before as a way for makers to meet, network, and see their offcuts and practices in a new circular and performative light. I never dreamed what actually happened would unfold.

“This no-audience-only-participants-event had been strongly marketed to makers, and whilst some makers did come, we also had a singer, a theatre maker, and a celebrant. It was quite emotional, full of love and compassion, and amazing things happened. Was I crying when the theatre maker got down on one knee and took a violin bow and started playing the postcard the singer had attached to my costume they had all made and then the singer started singing? Magic happened.”

Describing the experience as a participant and thanking her on behalf of AAS Clare said “The whole workshop was deeply moving, Carrie seamlessly guided its flow. Among the many memorable happenings what resonated for me was the energy felt by the whole group when the singer/songwriter responded by song then removed a tiny handmade book, the celebrants offering which she created in response to Cassandra Barron’s exhibition piece from Carrie’s costume. Where that wee book is now, we do not know, but I feel sure songs are being written, one day we may even witness them being performed. A perfect example of a circular hackathon, magic did happen.”

Carrie said “Thank you AAS for taking such a risk and punt. It gave me an opportunity to try something totally new in a very supported way that could potentially be an ongoing part of my practice. Deep thanks to the generous, thoughtful, innovative, soul heart sharing participants, I am so deeply moved by what they did, made, and the palpable connection. Thank you to Dieny and Custom Lane, Clare Waddle and Tina Rose for all their efforts in supporting and documentation of this performance.”

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