Craft and the Internet

Here you are, sitting at a computer, reading about craft on the internet. You can’t feel it’s texture or temperature, walk around it to look at the back or lift […]

Collect at the Saatchi Gallery

Having been held in the V & A for it’s first 5 years Collect moved to the Saatchi Gallery in London this year and an exciting and interesting event it […]

Hard times are times to get creative

No matter what the specialism, we artists are suffering along with all small businesses right now, in these economically challenging times. It’s not all doom and gloom though. We might […]

The Children vs. Business Balancing Act.

The piece below is a very personal way of trying to solve the child and work problem. Every child and every design discipline brings its own new problems. But it […]

Dazzle me to!

“Dazzle” one of the UK`s leading exhibitors of exciting and innovative modern contemporary jewellery seems to be going from strength to strength. Established in 1981 the Dazzle events are now […]

“Craft”,Help or Hindrance?.

Skill, tradition, hobby, pastimes, high quality, low quality and a plethora of cultural pre-conceptions, good and bad, embody “Craft”. To cover all the facets of the applied arts in one […]

Will Collect at the Saatchi Gallery bring craft to a wider audience?

The Crafts Council launched Collect in 2004 at the V&A as an art fair exclusively for contemporary craft objects. The annual event sees over 40 international galleries showcase collectable decorative […]

A Scottish Craft Fair?

Is it time for a top quality contemporary craft fair in Scotland? And is there a big enough market outside London to support such an event? With this year’s successful […]

Feeling the Crunch?

Being part of what is traditionally termed the ‘luxury goods sector’ applied artists should perhaps be living in fear of financial ruin with the constant doom-mongering that monopolises media output […]