Replicating Nature to Transform E-Waste into New Kinds of Rock

The global issue of the dumping of e-waste inspired jeweller Stefanie Cheong and Thailand based designer Kawisara Anansaringkarn of Coth Studio to experiment with ways to mimic the processes of […]

Meet Make Collaborate Exhibition Dates

Meet Make Collaborate is a touring exhibition of new works created by makers participating in the AAS international exchanges project and information on dates and venues will be published when […]

AAS Launches New CraftToolkit to Support Makers

A new free online CraftToolkit developed by Applied Arts Scotland as part of the British Council Crafting Futures programme has been launched to support makers to identify, understand and advance […]

Cocooned from the Elements

A stormy residency in Scotland inspired weaver Lynne Hocking-Mennie and natural dyer Prach Niyomkar from North-East Thailand to collaboratively explore the symbol of an umbrella as protection from the elements. […]

Cadáver Exquisito Inspired by Dressing Up & Rituals

A shared love of dressing up inspired textile designer Kate Davies and Pilar Obeso Sánchez to explore disguise and performance in traditional rituals in Mexico and Scotland and collaboratively create […]

The Dual Meaning of Sustainability

Textile maker Fiona Hall of Camban Studio participated in a residency in Scotland with Soledad Ruiz and Dalila Rubicela from Oaxaca, the most culturally diverse state of Mexico, and as […]

5 Ways Collaboration can be Transformative

Collaboration sits at the heart of AAS’s previous and current international exchange project enabling makers to expand the scope of their practice, experience new cultures and get fresh inspiration. The […]

Role of Sustainability, Identity & Collaboration in the Future of Making

In July our International craft symposium Old stories, new narratives will bring together makers, designers and the craft community to consider sustainability, identity and collaboration in their broadest terms and […]

Exciting Residencies in China & Chile for Ceramics, Textiles, Fibre, Silver & Millinery

Three new exciting residencies in China and Chile have just been launched by British Council Crafting Futures for makers from Scotland and the UK whose practice includes embroidery, millinery, batik, […]