Being a Maker & Tiny Pots in Lockdown: Voices of Makers #12

Tiny hand thrown pots came to represent the emotional journey of lockdown for ceramicist Fran Marquis while she experimented with new glazes, Instagram, threw for the NHS and rethought her […]

A Hammer, Smiling & Craft: Voices of Makers #11

While questioning the meaning of craft and where she goes from here artist Lar MacGregor finds a strength in making which sustains her creativity. Our Voices of Makers blog is a space […]

Voices of Makers #10

As we head towards the one-year mark Claire Heminsley of Incahoots considers what has changed since her Voices of Makers blog last year, the trickiness of lockdown, and the enormous amount of learning […]

Voices of Makers #9

The impact of lockdown on her business Anarkik3D Ltd gave jeweller Ann Marie Shillito time to have fun with its 3D modelling programme and experiment with 3D printing on some […]

Voices of Makers #8

When the usual roller coaster of making and exhibiting changed into an emotional roller coaster designer-maker Olive Pearson adapted to explore new ways of working and selling. Our Voices of Makers blog […]

Voices of Makers #7

Understanding that this is a marathon not a sprint and giving herself permission to pause has led Claire Heminsley of Incahoots to change her way of life, learning new things […]

Voices of Makers #6

Juggling a family in lockdown with making and selling, textile designer Lorna Brown describes enjoying creative time with the kids, selling online, making scrubs for the NHS, a renewed love […]

Voices of Makers #5

Creators of handcrafted lighting and product design and AAS Member, Yellow Broom, is made up of Clare Waddle and David Robson. Clare describes slowly learning to ride the lockdown wave […]

Voices of Makers #4

Weaver and AAS Member James Donald describes adapting to a new reality which brought fresh routines, anxiety and gratefulness, and how an idle thought to alleviate boredom led to the […]