This new, four-year project sees Applied Arts Scotland Board Members Netty Sopata and Clare Waddle with Board Advisor Carol Sinclair working in partnership with twelve organisations across Europe from Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Estonia, Romania and Slovenia.

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, AAS is one of two Scottish partners, the other being the University of St Andrews*.

Opening Exhibition night in Oviedo: Netty (AAS) presenting woven Tweed cloth by Woven in the Bone (Sam Goates) and Catherine (St Andrews University) presenting a ‘Gansey Blanket’ handknitted by the Timespan Knitting Group from Helmsdale.

The project led by University of Oviedo in Spain focuses on researching how rurally based creative industries currently interact with rural tourism. Through a series of events (commencing in October 2024) AAS will be instigating cross discipline discussions between musicians, craft practitioners, food producers, story tellers and stakeholders. These events will help to develop ideas surrounding best practice scenarios as to how rural, creative industries can develop a sustainable relationship with rural tourism in Scotland.

Rodrigo Martin Galan, EU Horizons Project Officer introducing the reporting process for the Culturality Project

In addition to these events, AAS will be working on a number of work packages with leading partners to catalogue and document craft practices across Scotland for a European Craft Database. At the same time, St Andrews University ‘Open Virtual Worlds’ Team will be developing a Virtual Reality platform to catalogue and present the Cultural Landscape within which the creative industries interact across Europe.

Clare and Carol (AAS) being briefed on project work packages in the old lecture theatre at Oviedo University

The inaugural project meeting took place in Oviedo, Asturias in April. Over the next few months there will be updates and call outs for paid opportunities for Creative Industry practitioners. These will be circulated through AAS social media and AAS Members Bulletin.

More information on the project can is located on the following websites:

In the meantime, if you would like to enquire about the project please contact Netty, Clare or Carol through the project email address:

*The Scottish partners are funded by Innovate UK.