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Barbara Shearer


Barbara Shearer is a maker of contemporary jewellery based in Scotland. Barbara aims to maintain a sense of quality in her jewellery practice, striving to minimise the hidden costs to the environment by using recycled silver and recycled or ethically sourced gemstones. She has a strong environmental awareness, having previously studied global environmental issues, worked on several transport-related climate change projects and worked with agencies such as Zero Waste Scotland to develop and implement recycling policies. She continually strives to reduce and minimise her impact on the environment both local and global by making informed choices in her jewellery practice.
Many of Barbara’s designs begin at the bench rather than in the sketchbook. Being material-led, the designs develop from the juxtaposition of material samples until the right combination is found.
Barbara’s designs have strong geometric influences often with simple shapes layered to create more complex patterns. She also has a love of hammered textures that tell the story of the manufacturing process.
Barbara works with both corporate and private clients to design and deliver bespoke pieces of jewellery.

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Barbara Shearer Jewellery




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Gemstones, Precious Metals