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Inge Panneels, artist and academic, whose works explores notions of space and place, using glass as a medium for making site specific works and using mapping as creative language, often working collaboratively. Commissions include public, private and corporate clients, and span a career working in the public art sector since 1998 and work can be found in the collections of the Flemish Government, Dexia Bank, Museum of Liverpool, Mercator Museum in Sint-Niklaas and Ebeltoft Glas Museet. The “Map-i” project was developed as long-term investigation of space and place and based on the premise of interconnectedness: how the observable universe can be broken down into infinitesimally small particles (micro/macro): Mercator Revisited solo exhibition, Mercator Museum, Belgium, (2013), British Glass Biennale (2015), Map-i: Blue Marble, National Glass Centre (2015), Wordsworth and Basho: Walking Poets, Wordsworth Museum, toured to Japan in 2016; Working Perspectives, John Buchan Museum (2015). Her work has been described as having a “fantastic stillness” (Homes and Interiors Scotland), “hauntingly beautiful” (Aberdeen Art Gallery), with a “meditative quality” (Crafts). “Her work combines high technical ability with a really creative approach. It is what everyone aims for but which is so hard to achieve.” (Glass in Scotland), ‘standout work” (Herald, 2015), “where the lines are blurred, the crossovers and experiments where art and craft merge” (Scotsman, 2019).


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