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Lar MacGregor


My name is Lar MacGregor and I am storyteller that makes art; RE working, RE imagining, RE assessing where my priorities lie for a sustainable practice. I have a workshop made from old pallets and rescued timber. Scrapyard finds and thoughtful friends enable me to forge copper, and to explore the possibilities of wood and stone. Carrier bags have enabled me to have conversations around single use plastics, and the environmental impact of our collective choices.

I work as an Art & Wellbeing tutor for the Workers Educational Association, I am a Museum of Happiness Facilitator and I work with the Exhibition Unit at Inverness Museum & Art Gallery. All of my work is aimed at considering environmental impact, individual choices and how to make routes to living an ethical, happy life.

I have exhibited around Britain and in Athens, Greece. I have exhibited work alongside the Scottish Colourists, Robert Callender, David Cass and Joseph Calleja. My Wayfinding Project, which was the result of the residency at Cawdor, was published in a book by artist Aldobranti Fosco-Fornio, in February 2020 and I have been published in several art magazines including an online magazine called Interartive – Walking Art/Walking Aesthetics, with my Wayfaring Project.

I continue to be excited by my processes and the possibilities that using other people’s scrap, can bring to my art.






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Base Metals, Plastics, Stone, Wood