Hidden Floors

Close-up of details and make-up of Look 2 by Aubin Jewellery and Jo-AMI

Fashion’s Digital age: Unveiling an Innovative New Collaboration & Exhibition Floor at V&A Dundee.

Hidden Floors is an innovative research project led by Scotland Re:Design that explores the world of digital fashion, design and the creative process without the material constraints of fabric, scale and even gravity. Bringing together four Dundee-based designers, four Applied Arts Scotland makers, and four digital fashion creatives from Fashion Interrupted alongside Lateral North, Hidden Floors is an experimental collaboration that aims to inspire new ways of thinking and working through immersive collaboration utilising new technologies within fashion.

Four AAS Members Maija Nygren, Ann Marie Shillito, Aubin Stewart and Carrie Fertig were paired with Dundee based designers Samantha Paton from Isolated Heroes, Megan Mackay from Little Peril, Jolene Guthrie from Jo-AMI and Ruby Coyne from Dreamland to collaborate and skillshare resulting in experimentation and exploration of new work using digital tools.

Tulle Ruffle dress by Samantha Paton, Isolated Heroes and Maija Nygren, Almaborealis.

The Project

Through group workshops and 1:1 sessions, the Fashion Interrupted team worked with the collaborators to create two digital fashion looks that incorprated elements of both the designer and maker’s practise. Using AI image generation tools, the designers and makers inputed images of their own work and text prompts to explore new concepts. They were introduced to digital pattern making software Clo3D, where they could visualise their look on a diverse cast of bespoke avatars created for the project.

Make-up looks created in collaboration with Fashion Interrupted were made into try-on filters that can be acessed via their Instagram, as well as AR (Augmented Reality) filters to bring the avatars into your space!

The Hidden Floor

The digital fashion looks sit within a virtual environment created by Steve Colmer of Lateral North. A digital copy of the iconic V&A, Dundee, visitors begin standing outside the entrace and can navigate around the space to uncover 3D avatars on plinths, large scale digital looks animated against a wall and development work showing the process.

Look created in Clo3d and Gravity Sketch by Ann Marie Shillito, Anarkik and Megan MacKay, Little Peril.


DISTANCE (Digital Immersive Technologies and Craft Engagement) is a multi-stage AAS project that offers makers opportunities to collaborate and to share experiences and objects in new and exciting ways through immersive digital technologies.

Hidden Floors follows on from DISTANCE, where makers were introduced to immersive technology virtual reality headsets, pre-loaded with a range of creative applications including Gravity Sketch, in order to understand the ways in which makers could and would want to use immersive technology to engage themselves and others with their craft practice:

The project is supported by Tay5G Innovation Challenge award, funded by the Scottish Government as part of the Tay Cities Region Deal, and with support from The Scotland 5G Centre, Dundee City Council, and the Department of Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT) 5G innovation Regions project.