Meet Make Collaborate touring exhibition

Meet Make Collaborate presents new individual and collaborative works created by international collaborating makers who took part in three international collaborative residencies and exchanges.

Exhibition installation of craft objects and sculptural works displayed on neutral plinths and walls
Meet Make Collaborate exhibition at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, photographer Ewen Weatherspoon

Makers from Mexico, Thailand, Canada and Scotland have inspired one another through innovative methods of idea development, experimented with new and traditional materials and shared the skills of their craft, all done in the spirit of adventure and the drive to learn from other making cultures. Works respond to one or several of the international project’s themes of identity, sustainability and collaboration and cover a range of disciplines including textiles, weaving, ceramics, jewellery and basketry. 

The touring exhibition was at theLochty Gallery, Carnoustie Library 24 November 2021 – 19 March 2022, the Barn 21 August – 6 November 2021 and Inverness Museum and Art Gallery 28 April – 19 June 2021.

You can read more about the exhibits and the makers who collaborated to create them on the Meet Make Collaborate page of the Identity, Collaboration, Sustainability: an online, international festival of craft (Monday 27 – Thursday 30 September 2021), and watch the Barn’s Head of Programme Simone Stewart’s exhibition talk within the programme on the Craft Festival 2021 Vimeo channel.

Exhibiting Makers & Residency Programmes

The following makers took part in the SHIFT Canada residency: Louise Barrington (Orkney), weaver Cally Booker (Dundee), ceramicist Susan O’Byrne (Glasgow), basketmaker Sarah Paramor (Applecross) and ceramist Carol Sinclair (Forfar), collaborating with Canadian makers from Nova Scotia jeweller Kiersten Holden-Ada, visual artist Andrea Tsang Jackson, jeweller Mengnan Qu, weaver Jennifer Green and jeweller Rebecca Hannon respectively.

‘Unknown, Fragments’, Andrea Tsang Jackson
Photographer: Ewen Weatherspoon
Hanging handwoven neutral fabric with vertical lines of coloured fringed fabric
‘Identity Shift’, Cally Booker
photographer: Simon Mills

The following makers took part in the Crafting Futures Mexico residency: weaver Lynne Hocking-Mennie (Aberdeen) collaborating with the Bii Daüü Collective and design graduate Dalila Cruz from Mexico, with work by weavers Fermina Ruiz, Ana Ruiz and Procoro Ruiz; and, textile artist Fiona Hall of Camban Studio (Aberdeen) collaborating with weaver Solidad Ruizz Mendoza and designer Dalila Cruz.

‘El Sonido que Mueve el Mundo: un celular y un pájaro’ (The sound that moves the world: a cell phone and a bird)’, Bi Dauu Collective, Lynne Hocking-Mennie & Dalila Cruz
Photographer: Ewen Weatherspoon
Handwoven long thin rug, rolled up at one end, in greens and yellows.
‘Mi hija contando del 1 al 10 en Zapoteco (My daughter counting to ten in Zapotec)’, Fermina Ruiz (Bii Daüü Collective), Lynne Hocking-Mennie & Dalila Cruz

Crafting Futures Thailand residency: jeweller Stefanie Cheong (Glasgow) and weaver Lynne Hocking-Mennie (Aberdeen), collaborating with Thai designers Kawisara Anansaringkarn (Poon) of Coth Studio and Prach Niyomkar (Mann) of Mann Craft respectively.

‘The New Kind of Rock’, Stefanie Cheong & Kawisara Anansaringkarn
Photographer: Ewen Weatherspoon
‘Come Rain or Come Shine’, Lynne Hocking-Mennie & Prach Niyomkar
Photographer: Ewen Weatherspoon

An insight into the experiences of the participating and exhibiting makers and the inspiration behind their new works can be found in a series of blogs written by the Scottish makers.

Meet Make Collaborate is part of an international project by Applied Arts Scotland SCIO in partnership with the British Council Crafting Futures programme including the British Council MexicoBritish Council Thailand and the British Council Scotland. It is funded by Creative ScotlandHighlands and Islands EnterpriseEdinburgh College of Art,  Nova Scotia College of Art and DesignHigh Life Highland and Museums Galleries Scotland.