Your Brand and Online Selling & Your Brand and Social Media events – Spring 2014

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In February / March 2014 Applied Arts Scotland and Craft Scotland partnered to deliver two training events to inspire Scotland-based makers to make the most of their brand and support the successful online selling of their work and use of social media.

The informative and insightful presentations from our speakers are available to watch on our resource page here.

Your Brand and Online Selling

Hosted by Artist / Designer / Collaborator and former AAS Board member Will Levi Marshall the event considered the relevance of creating or refreshing a contemporary craft businesses’ brand and the importance of brand to creating, showcasing and improving an online presence.

Branding presentations by experts Giles Etherington, Owner and Creative Director of Brand Satellite  and Jules Horne, Copywriter at Texthouse were complemented by jewellery maker Alison Macleod’s insight into her practice and development of her brand online.

Further presentations from experienced marketer and web developer Marcus J Wilson from Pooka, Mark McConnell, Creative Director and Owner of home and gift label YOKE and Magnus Orr, Co-Founder of Tartan Week, considered how your brand translates online, specifically when selling work online.

Your Brand and Social Media

Hosted by Goldsmith / Designer and former AAS Board Member Patti Niemann  the event considered how your brand translates online, specifically on social media platforms.

Jeweller and marketing and PR specialist Melanie Muir, shared her extensive experience of making, business and using the new marketing tools available. Julia Ossenbruegge, Online Marketing Manager at Craft Scotland considered how makers and craft organisations from Scotland and beyond are using social media effectively to grow and engage their audiences to insport makers to think about new ways of reaching out to buyers online. Orkney based knitwear designer Hilary Grant talked about the different ways she has used social media for her own business, and also looked at some interesting case studies where creative businesses have used social media in  more unusual and inventive ways to connect with their audience.

Your Brand and Online Selling event panel

Image Credit: Christopher Fernandez / Gayfield Creative Spaces

Craft Scotland

Craft Scotland is the home of Scottish craft. They work to unite, inspire and champion craft in Scotland.

Local Partners

Gayfield Creative Spaces, a series of venues and workshops geared to creative industries located in central Edinburgh. Emergents supporting and nurturing the development of professional craft makers and fashion designers in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, from emerging to well established.

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