Apprenticeships and Internships

Taking On An Intern: Joy Lewis, Adopt An Intern

Taking On An Intern: Susan Harkins, Business Gateway Edinburgh

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Convince Me

The Art of Making Compelling Applications

Your Brand and Social Media

How social media is used in a contemporary craft business, Hilary Grant

Talking and Listening in the 21st Century, Melanie Muir

How makers are using social media effectively, Julia Ossenbruegge, Craft Scotland

Your Brand and Online Selling

A maker’s insight into brand and developing an online presence, Alison Macleod

Selling Other People’s stuff, Magnus Orr, Tartan Week

Building Small Brands, Giles Etherington, Brand Satellite

A practical exploration of what to consider when selling craft online, Marcus Wilson, Pooka

Getting your brand right and getting the best out of your online shop, Mark McConnell, Yoke

The Power of Words, Jules Horne, Texthouse